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Digital Workflow to Enhance Esthetic Outcomes

Dr. Curry Leavitt

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - October 30, 2019

6:00PM-9:00PM (Members Only)

Treatment Planning Session

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - November 13, 2019

6:00PM-9:00PM (Members Only)

Time Management

Mr. Bryan Dodge

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - December 6, 2019

8:30AM-12:30PM (Members + up to 8 Team Members $50 for each additional Team Member)

Tech Check: An Overview of New Technology and Materials Changing Dentistry

Dr. Parag Kachalia

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - January 24, 2020

8:00AM-3:00PM (Members Only)

Ridge Augmentation for Horizontal and Vertical Ridge Deficiencies

Dr. James Woodyard

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - February 12, 2020

6:00PM-9:00PM (Members Only)

Oral Pathology: Red, White and You

Dr. Douglas Damm

Evansville Country Club - March 6, 2020

8:00AM-12:00PM (Members Only)

Advisor’s Pearls

DoubleTree Downtown Evansville - April 15, 2020

6:00PM-9:00PM (Members Only)

Decision-Making in Prosthodontic Rehabilitation for Teeth and Implants

Dr. Marco Brindis

Louisville Marriott Downtown Louisville, KY - May 15, 2020

8:00AM-1:00PM (Members Only)

End of Year Dinner

Louisville, KY - May 15, 2020

6:00PM-9:00PM (Members and Guest)

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